Hope Project booklet delivery Easter 2020

From March 08, 2020 7:00 pm until 8:00 pm

A 2020 Vision for Outreach?

Hope Project front PageIf you're currently working on your vision sermon and wondering how you’ll encourage the congregation further in outreach I'd love to talk to you about the five levels of outreach you could recommend to your people by engaging in the Hope Project booklets delivery prior to Easter this year

At this stage we have maps for around 400 delivery areas in Christchurch and have broken Christchurch up into 5 sectors. Harmony, ReChurch, St Christopher's, Hope Presbyterian and Beckenham Baptist will host services on Sunday evening March 8th where these booklets and delivery Maps will be handed over to volunteers for delivery.

Level one of outreach is simply delivering the booklets with their gospel message to the homes in a designated mapped area. However there is an opportunity to engage in a greater way with outreach, all the way up to level 5 which involves taking enough booklets for each person to pass them to friends, family members and work mates who don't know Jesus with the invitation to coffee a week later to discuss what they thought about what they read and where the response is positive being prepared to invite them to attend an Alpha program or similar or become involved in a Discovery Bible Study.

If you feel that your church would like to become involved in some way I'd love to talk to you and discuss with you which sector your people would fit in.

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