FamilyLife Weekend to Remember couples getaway

From April 16, 2021 7:00 pm until April 18, 2021 3:30 pm

12021 WTR 1

A FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Getaway is a marriage conference uniquely designed to help you and your partner escape the daily grind and focus on your relationship. For most couples it’s a chance to reconnect, re-establish the foundation and rekindle romance. For others, it’s a fresh start. For some, it will be the weekend that saves a marriage.

By learning and applying timeless principles for a healthy marriage from our trained team of speakers, you and your partner can:

  • Connect with each other on a deeper leveI
  • Improve the way you communicate
  • Anticipate conflict and handle it more constructively
  • Experience marriage the way it was designed to be

For those who are Pre-married / Engaged you will have an additional session on Preparing for Marriage. There is also a session for those navigating life in a blended family. This weekend will be a fantastic foundation to starting your married life together.