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Global Day of Prayer for Jerusalem

From May 28, 2023 8:00 am until 9:00 am

Check out the Global Day of Prayer for Israel

Mike Bickle from “International House of Prayer” in Kansas City USA has felt lead to call the church world-wide to “21 Days of Prayer & Fasting” for Israel. 

In modern times Israel has faced numerous challenges and conflicts, including political tensions, security threats and regional instability. We understand that Israel holds significant biblical importance and the bible teaches us to bless and pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Ps 122:6) and to show love and kindness to the Jewish people (Rm 11:28)

What started out as a simple word from God might become one of the most significant moments in history with millions of people from around the world uniting to declare Gods promises over Israel. Mike Bickle believes there maybe as many as 100 million people world-wide praying for Israel at the conclusion of this event May 28th (Pentecost Sunday)

Hosting one hour prayer world-wide with millions

Over a 24 hour period many nations from around the world will host a one hour live prayer meeting which will be broadcast world-wide, so over the 24 hour period there will be continual prayer for Israel with millions of Christian believers activated in prayer. 

Celebration Church has been asked to host a one hour live worship and prayer event to represent the nation of New Zealand that will be broadcast world-wide. In collaboration with thousands of ministries from around the world we are inviting believers of all eschatological positions to join us in prayer for one hour on May 28th from 8-9am

How can we participate?

Due to auditorium capacity we are not asking for full congregations to participate but to consider sending a small team of 5 to represent the church. With the prayer starting at 8am this means people would be back for their own church services with no problem at all - Come and join us for one hour this coming Sunday!!

Event Details

Date: 28th May 2023

Time: 08:00 - 09:00am

Location: 81 Bickerton Street, Wainoi, chch

Website information: Isaiah 62 Fast – A Global Solemn Assembly

Global Day Prayer MAY23