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Praying as One for New Zealand

Written by Influence

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Praying as One for New Zealand

These are unprecedented times for Aotearoa, and indeed for the world. More than ever we need Christian believers to unite in prayer!

New Zealand Christian Network is delighted to announce that it has been able to work with a number of groups (NZCN, Move NZ, Rhema Broadcasting, Intercessors for NZ, Missions Interlink, and the World Evangelical Alliance) to pull together Pray As One NZ, a 9-day initiative intended to unite Christians all over NZ in prayer and fasting for our nation. We are inviting leaders from all over NZ to join us in leading this initiative.

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Burden - faith-based film releases in NZ June/July

Written by Influence

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Burden, starring Andrea Riseborough, Garrett Hedlund, Forest Whitaker, Tess Harper and Usher Raymond.

Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker and Garrett Hedlund star in a powerful and timely true-story of faith and love overcoming hate.

Set in a small South Carolina town scarred from deep-rooted racism in the mid-nineties, an unlikely friendship forms when an African American Reverend (Whitaker) shelters Mike Burden (Hedlund) a KKK member, along with his girlfriend Judy, a single mother played by Andrea Riseborough. Through his faith and love, Reverend Kennedy helps Mike leave his violent past in the Klan ultimately helping to heal the community.

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Position Vacancy - Leadership Team

Written by Influence

South West Baptist Church - Leadership Team

We are seeking expressions of interest from passionate Christian leaders responding to God’s call on their lives to be part of a redemptive community of faith discipling lifelong followers of Jesus.

We are considering engaging an additional, full-time pastor to complement our existing leadership team in 2020. 
Reporting to the Senior Pastor, Alan Jamieson, the core leadership team provides shared shepherd leadership and strategic direction across the church as a whole.

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Vacancy - Alpine Presbytery Hanmer Springs Host

Written by Alpine Presbytery

Alpine Presbytery (Presbyterian churches in the top half of the South Island) is looking for a person (or persons) to host an exciting new initiative forming a new style of Christian community in Hanmer Springs, and providing hospitality to locals and visitors to the region.

This will include experimenting with different expressions of church, partnering with others to serve the local community, hosting Presbytery gatherings, exploring the future use of the St Andrews church building and site, helping the Presbytery grow in our theology of the outdoors, and hosting accommodation for visitors.

This is a 0.8 FTE position, initially for a 3 year term which includes some provision for housing, and it could be shared by more than one person with complimentary skills. We expect the Host to live in Hanmer Springs. The Host will be: highly relational, able to relate to all ages, cultures and demographics; hospitable and generous in character; able to facilitate spiritual conversations and activities; a strategic thinker and team player. They will also be able to help lead the next phase of the project developing the site. Building construction, and maintenance skills are an advantage.

For further details including a role description, Contact Dan Spragg, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Applications are due by Monday 5th August.

Welcome to Inspire Life Coaching

Written by Jackie Gudsell

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HI I’m Jackie Gudsell, founder of Inspire Life Coaching. Like many women, I wear a number of hats. Wife, Mother, Young Grandmother, Business Woman, and Artist. Having walked a journey of faith for over thirty years, and been involved in different ministries, I understand the cost that those in Ministry face on a daily basis.

Alongside my husband Craig, an Insurance broker to the Churches, we have worked within Christendom, nationwide, for the past 25 + years. As a mentor to many over the years, it was a natural progression for me to complete a CPC course (Certificate in Pastoral counselling) with Richard Black, Supervision qualifications, and Life Coach training.

Enough about me, what about you, What is it you’d like to say if given the opportunity, knowing that someone would hear the story you need and want to tell, someone safe, who is not part of your faith community. What difference would that make?

My passion is to inspire and support women in Ministry related roles, including those married to, or partnering with those in Ministry, providing encouragement, and strategies to assist them in their role.

My heart is that each woman would find freedom and success.

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Religious freedom

Written by Alan Vink

Dear Pastors

This week a few of us met in Auckland to have a roundtable conversation about Religious Freedom in New Zealand. So as it is occupying my mind at present I thought I would share a few thoughts on this subject this week.

WHY I believe a national conversation is needed?

There are a number of reasons why I believe we need to have a national conversation on Religious Freedom in NZ.

  • This has become a critical issue in our day. Most everyone agrees with the importance of Religious Freedom in a Democratic society. However Christian Freedom is already under threat in NZ and around much of the ‘free’ world.
  • Christian Faith continues to be marginalised often times in favour of the ‘newer’ religions mostly from Asia that have accompanied immigrant peoples.
  • Everyday Christians have already had their mouths stopped for fear of saying the wrong thing, offending others (especially their work mates and employers) or afraid of committing the terrible offense of hate speech.
  • Pastors and preachers are increasingly reluctant to address this issue (and other social and moral issues) for fear of offending their parishioners many of whom have quite different points of view especially the millennials.
  • There seems to be no ‘prophetic voice’ anymore.
  • It is VERY hard to get consensus (let alone unity) from the Christian church on this or any issue for that matter. The Christian viewpoint has become increasingly diverse on most of the big issues of our day.
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Better World Gap Year 2019

Written by Influence

Better World is a Gap Year program for young adults centered around issues of social justice in our world today and God's heart.

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The Beginning of the Kairos Free Store in Christchurch

Written by Influence

Kairos LogoBased off the first Free Store that was founded in Wellington in 2010, and part of the Free Store Movement Aotearoa. The Kairos Free Store in Christchurch will be the first to open in the South Island - due to open its doors mid 2018. We are a non for profit, charitable organisation, run 100% by volunteers.

When you combine hungry people in the community, the masses of quality, wasted food from cafes & eateries daily + passionate people who want to get involved. Something beautiful is bound to happen...

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