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Nexus Community

Posted by Chris Ponniah

Nexus Community is a gathering of people from different ethnic groups and cultures with a view of better serving the ethnic groups in Christchurch and to help them encounter God. Our mission is to be “a multi-ethnic community knitted together as life-long disciples of Jesus”. The word "nexus” means a connection, or series of connections, linking 2 or more things. It can also mean a central or focal point. The aim of this community is two-fold - to provide a relational connection that brings people of different ethnic groups together and to provide a spiritual connection with people of different ethnicities to Christ who is the central or focal point of this community. 

Nexus Community meets every Saturday at 4pm for worship, study of God’s Word, prayer and fellowship.

Come join us and bring a friend.

For more information contact Chris Ponniah (021 528821 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Nexus Community