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3 Books from Christchurch Author, Garry Rodgers

Posted by Garry Rodgers

The Christchurch Revivalists 1850-1930

In ‘The Christchurch Revivalists 1850-1930’ the wonderful unique, rich, but buried, spiritual history of our city is uncovered. The front cover shows the memorial stone where the first Wesleyan born again believers, who arrived on the first four ships, settled. It was on that spot that Mary Quaife opened the first Sunday school to reach the many children who had temporarily settled in Hagley Park. Read about:

CHC Revivalists Cover Front

  • Mary Quaife’s royal decree and how this put a religious spirit to flight.
  • Christchurch’s part in blessing the healing revival that spread across USA from 1890.
  • Christchurch’s first martyr.
  • A talented painter who gave it all up to spread the gospel in India.
  • A prophetic evangelist from Bundaberg who impacted the city with the message of the baptism in the Holy Spirit that prepared the way for the Smith Wigglesworth campaign. Her prophetic word in California later directed AC Valdez to come to Australasia that resulted in significant revivals.
  • A church set on fire by the Wigglesworth campaign.
  • A healing mission in the Cathedral that had 300 workers and prayer for 2,500 people.
  • A most over-subscribed evangelistic meeting where 6,000 hungry people were left out on the street on a cold winter’s night because they couldn’t all fit into the town hall.
  • The faith of a Baptist woman who God virtually raised from the dead.

70 pages A4 landscape softcover.

Cost: $25 plus postage

To order this book email Garry on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Te Waipounamu Awakening

The prophetic people of Aotearoa have been saying for decades that Māori will lead the next major revival in our nation. That being the case, we need to understand the cause of the first awakening so that we can take those lessons from the past and apply them to our day.

This book considers how Māori were impacted when the Gospel came into Te Waipounamu (The South Island of New Zealand) around 1836. We often hear percentages quoted of how many were impacted during that first awakening. But do we really have an understanding of how and why it happened?

Te Waipounamu Awakening Front COVER

‘Te Waipounamu Awakening’ seeks to answer the following questions:

  • Why did Te Waipounamu experience that first spiritual awakening?
  • What was the preparation and international context?
  • Where were the entry points for the Gospel to Te Waipounamu and who did God use?
  • Where were the communities affected?
  • After widespread impact, why did many fall away from Jesus?
  • What were the schemes of the enemy to cause them to fall away?
  • How can we prepare the way for the Māori of Te Waipounamu and Aotearoa to experience another spiritual awakening?

‘Te Waipounamu Awakening’ contains numerous colour maps, photographs and paintings so the reader can see where the events of the first awakening.

79 pages A4 landscape softcover.

Cost: $25 plus postage.

To order this book email Garry on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Whatever Wherever

In the biography section of ‘Whatever Wherever’, read how Haydn Hutton felt called by the Lord to go to India. The first 4 ½ years were fraught with extreme difficulty including contracting tuberculosis and hepatitis A and a lockdown in a small village in Andhra Pradesh that lasted between 2 and 3 years.  In his second 4 ½ year term, he had to flee to another city because a top policeman from Delhi was hunting him down. They thought he was a CIA spy. While contemplating his dire situation, he decided to put everything in the Lord’s hands and dared to say to God:  ‘Whatever You want me to do; Wherever You want me to go.’ At that very moment there was a knock at the door and this led to Haydn praying for a young Hindu man, Sundar, who Haydn thought was in a coma. But he was actually dead and in Hell. As Haydn laid his hand on the Sundar’s head, he prayed in a loud voice that the whole hospital ward could hear: ‘Lord Jesus, show these people that you are the true God and heal this young man now.’ As Haydn had prayed, Sundar had an encounter with Jesus and was totally healed. After that, many in the hospital wanted prayer. The Lord granted Haydn an open door and unusual favour. He would even go to pray for people in intensive care and while they were being operated on. Sometimes whole wards would come to Jesus.  Why did Haydn have an open door and such unusual favour? As you will read in the book, part of the reason was the intercession of a missionary in Taiwan, Carol Wilson. God had taught her ‘hands to war’ and as well as impacting a new generation for Jesus in Taiwan, for 15 years she prayed for Haydn. Often, she would pray at times to match his schedule even though she was in another time zone.

Whatever Wherever Cover Front

‘Whatever Wherever’ also has 60 devotional Biblical meditations written by Haydn. Many people have testified that these have blessed them over the 40-year period they were written.

309 pages A5 softcover. 

Cost: $20 plus postage.

To order this book email Garry on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Garry Rodges : Bio

Garry grew up with an aversion to the study of history and literacy, preferring the sciences, leading to a 40 year career in engineering with 26 years running a small consultancy business. Garry’s philosophy was: why say it in two words when you can sayitinone? Jesus changed everything with a wonderful encounter with Him at the age of 16. This led to a love for Jesus’s body on earth (the church), a love for the manifestations of the power of God, and a love for missions. Writing wasn’t even on the horizon when, in 2000, as he was rummaging through the photograph collection of an elderly friend, he found a snapshot of Smith Wigglesworth, former All Black and revivalist Henry Roberts, and early Pentecostal leader Kelynge England. He began asking questions. His elderly friend told the story of her mother who had the faith to be raised from the dead. That story really grabbed Garry and he couldn’t stop talking about it, to the enormous frustration of those close to him. He just couldn’t contain himself. When business slumped, he began researching more on that story and other stories and wrote them down, leading to the release of his first book in 2017. And so, the research and writing continued… 

And he still can’t contain himself when exploring the wonderful works of the Holy Spirit and His beautiful servants on earth.