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Religious freedom

Posted by Alan Vink

Dear Pastors

This week a few of us met in Auckland to have a roundtable conversation about Religious Freedom in New Zealand. So as it is occupying my mind at present I thought I would share a few thoughts on this subject this week.

WHY I believe a national conversation is needed?

There are a number of reasons why I believe we need to have a national conversation on Religious Freedom in NZ.

  • This has become a critical issue in our day. Most everyone agrees with the importance of Religious Freedom in a Democratic society. However Christian Freedom is already under threat in NZ and around much of the ‘free’ world.
  • Christian Faith continues to be marginalised often times in favour of the ‘newer’ religions mostly from Asia that have accompanied immigrant peoples.
  • Everyday Christians have already had their mouths stopped for fear of saying the wrong thing, offending others (especially their work mates and employers) or afraid of committing the terrible offense of hate speech.
  • Pastors and preachers are increasingly reluctant to address this issue (and other social and moral issues) for fear of offending their parishioners many of whom have quite different points of view especially the millennials.
  • There seems to be no ‘prophetic voice’ anymore.
  • It is VERY hard to get consensus (let alone unity) from the Christian church on this or any issue for that matter. The Christian viewpoint has become increasingly diverse on most of the big issues of our day.
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Better World Gap Year 2019

Posted by Influence

Better World is a Gap Year program for young adults centered around issues of social justice in our world today and God's heart.

Better World Gap Year flyer 1

Better World Gap Year flyer 2

The Beginning of the Kairos Free Store in Christchurch

Posted by Influence

Kairos LogoBased off the first Free Store that was founded in Wellington in 2010, and part of the Free Store Movement Aotearoa. The Kairos Free Store in Christchurch will be the first to open in the South Island - due to open its doors mid 2018. We are a non for profit, charitable organisation, run 100% by volunteers.

When you combine hungry people in the community, the masses of quality, wasted food from cafes & eateries daily + passionate people who want to get involved. Something beautiful is bound to happen...

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Flu Immunisation Missions Fundraiser

Posted by Influence

What’s the same?

  • 100% of the money goes to missions (50% to a mission of your choice working with a lesser reached people group, the other 50% goes to One-2-One Charitable Trust, working with South East Asia’s underserved and vulnerable)
  • $25 per person

Interested? We are available from the 9th of April 2018!

Immunisation season is here! E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with:

  • Your organization’s name & preferred date/s
  • A contact person (email and phone number please)

The vaccinators are accredited doctors and passionate about missions.

Enquiries welcome at the above email also.

New Home for Harmony Church

Posted by Influence

harmony org nz logo

Harmony Church is now based at the new Harmony Centre, 220 Antigua Street, CBD. This new community facility includes a 400 seat auditorium and various seminar rooms. It's also the base for the Convergence Dance School with special sprung floor studio's.

Paid volunteers- managing expectations

Posted by Ricki-Lee Teague

PaidVolunteers managingexpectations 2Paid volunteers exist in many of our churches, staff that are part time paid AND work hours in the same role voluntary. When organisation priorities change, these working relationships can be tested as the leadership strategically increase existing, or add new, resources to other areas of the church.

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Health & Safety working at church

Posted by Ricki-Lee Teague

The big health & safety stick has well and truly been beaten to shreds. New Zealand’s Health & Safety at Work Act (HSWA) became law on April 4th 2016. The intent is good; everyone is engaged in keeping those we love and honour, safe. We understand that if, as a church, we have paid staff, we are a ‘person conducting a business undertaking’ (PCBU) and therefore subject to the HSWA. We are taking it all seriously; we have a mountain of health & safety information, online tools, and workshops to help us become compliant with the HSWA. For many churches the question now is:

How do we implement a ‘fit for purpose’ health & safety system in our church?

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Ricki-Lee, Teague Consulting NZ

Posted by Influence

Ricki LeeRicki-Lee's passion is to see the 'business' side of church as the strong and active 'skeleton' in the body of Christ it was designed to be, supporting the church purpose and vision, not limiting it!

With considerable management experience within the electricity industry, Ricki-Lee joined the staff at Thrive Church Rangiora. Her role quickly developed; advising on policies, procedures, health & safety, and employment relations. When it became apparent that other small businesses, churches, and not-for-profit organisations needed similar assistance. Teague Consulting NZ was born and continues to develop and diversify, exploring how our business community can co-labour with God at work.

When Ricki-Lee is not business networking or helping an organisation answer ‘what would it look like?’, you can find her walking with her Father at Waikuku beach, enjoying family and friends, and asking God, 'you want me to do what!'

Find out more at or follow on Facebook, Teague Consulting NZ.

Christchurch City Coat of Arms

Posted by Influence

Christchurch Coat Of Arms2Our Coat of arms is symbolic and reflective of our City’s heritage.

The motto

Fide condita, fructu beata, spe fortis

Although the motto can be translated as 'A city founded in faith, rich in the fulfilment thereof, strong in the hope for the future', the Latin means rather more than that:

  • Fide condita refers to our ecclesiastical origins and the name of the City, taking fides in the sense of the Christian faith
  • Fructu beata means rich in the fruits of the earth and rich in the fruits of her industry, as well as in the fulfilment of the Founders' Faith
  • Spe fortis means at once strong in hope and bold in her claims upon the future.
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