Stand - Women's Conference

From August 13, 2021 6:30 pm until August 14, 2021 6:00 pm

Stand Conference Aug21

Wild, Strong and Free 2021

The world is changing so quickly around us.  There is much uncertainty and many questions about the future. This is the time we discover we need foundations that are built so secure into our souls, that when we hit times of crisis, they are immovable, unquestionable anchors in our lives.  As the winds of change blow across the earth we are not overwhelmed. We are not overcome.  This years ‘Wild, Strong and Free’ conference theme is ‘Stand’.  What does it look like to stand tall, stand firm, stand secure in times of trouble.  

Wild, Strong and Free is a conference about women, for women, by women.  The aim is to build up, encourage, comfort and inspire.  Empowering women to live their best lives. Growing in purpose, stature and in love. A life that is all that God intended it to be. This year there is the opportunity to enjoy great speakers, lots of creativity, a delicious Brunch, fun giveaways, powerful praise and worship and lots of opportunity to connect with other women.  Why don’t you join us for  ‘Wild, Strong and Free’ 2021?

August 13-14th


  • Kate Williams
  • Alex Gale
  • Johanna Stringer
  • Mindy Higgins
  • Mylene Evangelista
  • Catherine Hoekendijk

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