The Coming Kingdom - and It’s Eternal Rewards

From September 08, 2022 7:00 pm until September 10, 2022 9:00 pm

Apostle Mike Connell is coming to Living Waters Christian Centre (13 Meeking Pl, Halswell) for a special school 8-10 Sept: The Coming Kingdom - and It’s Eternal Rewards. He will be covering 2 main subjects:

"The Gospel that Jesus preached was an invitation to participate in reigning with Jesus Christ in His Kingdom. God's eternal purpose in Christ was always that Sons and Daughters would reign with Him over all His creation. This present age is our apprenticeship, our training for dominion."

Some of the subjects being covered include:

  • Different end-time views
  • The problem of preterism
  • The glory of your millenial kingdom

"Jesus spoke frequently throughout His messages and parables, on the coming Kingdom, and also the rewards offered to those who serve Him faithfully in this age. There are differing degrees of Intimacy, Authority and Glory promised to those who overcome."

Some of the subjects being covered include:

  • The eternal rewards of intimacy, authority & glory.
  • The first resurrection
  • Kingdom parables & rewards


Single Full School Registration $75 
Single Saturday Only Registration $35

Couple Full School Registration $120 
Couple Saturday Only Registration $60 


Register or find out more at

ComingKingdom LWCC22