Why Influence

One Church in the City with many Congregations and Communities of faith was and continues to be the impetus and reason for Influence.

We are called to be one Church – in unity, practice, sharing of resources and collaborating as individuals and communities of faith.

Imagine an Epistle written to the Church in Christchurch – what would it say . . .?

Its often said that we stand on the shoulders of this who have gone before us. Myself personally and the Church in Christchurch acknowledge the servant leadership of the late Peter Morrow – who could be said to be a martyr for the faith, with his life and ministry cut off by a disastrous attack in his home in 1987.

Sectarianism in every form was always an anathema to Peter as it should be to us. Let there be no divisions among you…

The mission of Influence is to connect churches and ministries across the city for good

The present responsibility for Influence rests with Max Palmer, Pastor at Large – lover of God, Sandra and my family, the church in all its diversity (with spots and wrinkles) and the strangers both here and across the world.


Life Resources, Horizons Immigration, Prepare–Enrich NZ, Wilberforce 21 and our mission partners underwrite the expenses of Influence. The Design Company generously invests time and expertise to make Influence happen. We also acknowledge our partnership with Te Raranga.

We invite you to join us in the ministry of Influence – list your events, submit your news, receive and circulate our monthly event updates and visit and like our Face Book page.

Opportunity to partner

As a not for profit ministry we at Influence appreciate partnership and financial support, allowing us to continue promoting news and events across our city, region and nation, strengthening our witness for Christ and seeing people come to faith and discipleship.

Our design and circulation budget is $7500 per year - underwritten by Life Resources Ltd.

As a Charitable company, Life Resources Ltd is able to provide rebate receipts personal and corporate gifts and receipts for support from churches and trusts .
You can direct credit your gift to Life Resources Limited (a charitable company)

Would you prayerfully consider this request for your investment in our mission?

Max Palmer
A ministry of Life Resources

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